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A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of working with Ella at Start CloseIn. I contacted Ella back in November to help me with a Christmas gift for my Mom. My Mom has great style, loads of chunky jewelry and plenty of shoes from which to choose. But on any given day she’s attending ladies luncheons, church meetings, military functions, family events, dinners with her sorority sisters or making ice cream with the grandkids. It is because her schedule is so packed she needed help transitioning from day to night activities with ease. Enter Ella to give her practical advice on how to best achieve these goals.

cloths on rack

As soon as we began the styling session, we noticed the closet needed more organization. It wasn't a mess by any means but it needed to be more a functional space. Ella suggested we group shirts, pants, skirts and dresses all by color. It immediately made a big impact because the clothes were much easier to access.

cloths on rack

My Mom is a huge jewelry lover. Huge. This is a small sample she let me take a picture of. She had multiple containers to help house all of her jewelry. This system helped to corral the items but it didn’t allow my Mom to use the statement pieces she wanted because she had trouble finding what she needed. So we hung her jewelry in a way that allowed her to mix and match pieces she loves.

Ella also encouraged my Mom to change things up a bit. She paired a green military style jacket with an animal print shirt, dark rinse skinny jeans, wedges and gold chunky jewelry. Something my Mom absolutely loved but would have never had the confidence to try before. Over and over again, Ella endorsed new color combinations, proper fit and style choices.

leopard print

I have to say at the end of our session we were completely exhausted. I know Ella must have been tired too. All in all, we donated about 15 bags of clothes and shoes that didn’t fit well.

closet organization

We took multiple trips to Target for organizational supplies. We replaced plastic hangers with walnut hangers. We made new spaces for handbags and clutches. We replaced plastic shoe containers with shoe towers. And of course, you know if I’m involved we bought a ton of baskets.

I cannot say thank you enough to Ella. She helped to give my Mom confidence to try to new things. She also gave her reassurance regarding style choices both of which were a priceless gift.

closet organization

Click here to find out more information on Ella and the services she provides. She is truly passionate about helping women of all shapes and sizes. You won't be disappointed!

Hi! I'm Ella!

I am thrilled to share with you some of what I love to do: help women develop their own personal style. It's like high-end styling but for regular women without the pressure to look a certain way or spend a fortune. I think of "styling" as a way of helping women show our best selves off to the world. I love to dig through closets and find new and interesting ways to wear clothes together. I thrive off of a joint shopping session. Whether they're your clothes re-imagined and re-styled or new clothes that you can't wait to wear, the end result is incredible because you'll end up looking like the best version of yourself.

Many blessings,


PS: I was not compensated for this post. All opinions and experiences are my own. I’m passing this along because I truly enjoyed working with Ella and I hope you will too!